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Discussion group meets
1st & 3rd Thursdays
6:00pm to 8:00pm
@ the LGBT Center
(208 W 13 St, between
7th & 8th Aves.)

Optional, informal dinner
follows at a nearby
BiRequest NYC - 3rdThurs Meeting - 17 April 2014

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Date:  Thursday 17 April 2014
Time:  6:30pm - 8:00pm
Location:  NYC's lgBTQ Community Center
208 West 13 Street, NYC
    ....between 7th Avenue & Greenwich/8th Avenues
Check at the front desk on arrival to confirm room location.
Facilitator:  Paul
Topic:  Situational: Bisexual

Quick update: The folks from the Center have confirmed that we do have a room for this meeting. Check the board at the building entrance for our assignment

And now, our topic


Situational - the characteristic of being open to different approaches, insights or actions depending on a variation in circumstances.

Bisexual - the characteristic of being open to different approaches, insights, or actions (particularly when matters of bodies in action, hearts and mind alike) depending on a variation in a potential partner.

At the most recent lounge meetup, I struck up a conversation with a fellow bisexual who commented that various kinds of fundamentalism really rubbed her the wrong way... I agreed completely, and this got me to thinking: "What's the crux of the difference  between fundamentalists and the two of us in this dark redenned lounge?"  

The answer that jumped to the frontal lobe, is that as Bisexual, I often take a rather situational approach to the core of my daily life. .. that is, depending on who's directly in my scope or the circumstances surrounding our meeting, I might be attracted to them or not. 
In other words, the  answer seemed to lie in our divergent approaches to given circumstances at one moment as compared to any other. .

Fundamentalism, in contrast, holds as absolute certain answers as to how the world spins, and how humans ought to act, in whatever the situation, regardless of the particulars. For me, this kind of dogmatic approach never ends well (need I even qualify, where humans are involved).  Fundamentalism, I thought, is the source of so much conflict, isolation, and pain for many non-monogamous people.  

Yet the quesiton remained in the back of my brain; if being bisexual has opened me up to more situational approaches in life..  or if being open to any number of responses to a situation has opened the door to my bisexuality.  

This week, lets crack open this chicken's egg to examine which comes first, or if either an open mind or bisexualtiy can exist without the other.  Let's discuss in depth what happens to our confidence should criticism come our way... but what also happens to our confidence when our bisexuality is in a fragile or threatened state?  And what would that state look like in the first place?  If being bisexual has the characteristic of flowing from our core,  then must we assert that there are no unchanging core values?  Are we as adrift as the modern day atheist is painted?

ome relate your situational expressiveness, tell us what factors impact your loves and your life, or just hang out and listen to what others have to say in BiRequest's fabulously safe, non-judgmental environment.
Open to all Bi and bi-friendly folks, of any age, race, gender, sexual or relational orientation. Ours is a tiny example of the rainbow; a safe space to share your perspective and insights into all things Bi.

And if you can’t join us for the meeting, catch up with us for dinner, round 8:15-ish, at...

Charlie Mom's
464 Sixth Avenue
between 11th & 12th Streets
~ a short walk from the Center

*** There are usually one or two extra seats in our reservations, 

*** but just to be sure, please TXT Paul @ 347-645-6509

*** if you'll be joining us after & he'll add a seat for you:

PostScript regarding restaurants:  
If you  would like to help expand our palette of dining options, suggestion are welcomed.  1.  We need a place that can accommodate 20+ people from 8:15pm for about an hour  on a given Thursday - both in seating us, and relative speed for serving too.   2.  We also need the menu to have some vegetarian options, and to be fairly reasonable in cost. 

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