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Discussion group meets
1st Monday & 3rd Thursdays
of every month, starting January 2016
6:00pm to 8:00pm
@ the LGBT Center
208 W 13 St, between
7th & Greenwich/8th Aves.

Optional, informal dinner
follows at a nearby

Monthly after work social
2nd Wedneday of every month
6:30pm til.... we're finished :-)
@ Madame X
94 West Houston Street, btwn
Thompson St. and Laguardia Place

BiRequest NYC - 2016
Date:  Bi-Monthly: 1st Monday & 3rd Thursday
Time: 6:00pm - 8:00pm
Location: NYC's lgBtQ Community Center
208 West 13 Street, NYC
...between 7th Avenue, btwn Greenwich & 8th Avenues
Check at the front desk on arrival to confirm room location.
Facilitator: Paul & friends, occasional substitutes or guest facilitators
Topic: Our Place on the Spectrum of Family Support

BiRequest has its roots in NYC's queer, fluid and bisexual organizing circles dating back to the late 1980s and early 90s.

In 2014, we added a monthly social gathering at Madame X that has continued on with new faces every month since.

Starting in 2016, we modified our discussion schedule, alternating nights on the first and third weeks of each month to accomodate university student class schedules.


1st Monday : BiRequest Discussion- Dec 5th
~ moderated discussion at the Center
~ ~ Our Place on the Spectrum of Family Support, part 1

2nd Wednesday : BiRequest Social - Dec 14th
~ ~ no agenda cocktails & social gathering,
~ ~ ~ @ Madame X ~ 94 W Houston St, down six steps from the street level.

3rd Thursday : BiRequest Discussion - Dec 15th
~ moderated discussion at the Center
~ ~ Our Place on the Spectrum of Family Support, part 2


Beginning in January 2017, we introduce three new offerings:

"Bi My Side" for spouses and partners, a new monthly "Bi+ Munch," and a gathering for Bi+ leaders to organize... a re-animation of BiRequest's historical antecedent "The Sunday Group."

"Bi My Side" will be a discussion group tailored for the issues of gay, straight and other partners or spouses of our bisexual cousins. Here is where our Bi+ allies come to meet, honing the craft of supportive care and advocacy within the context of thier relationships.
2nd Sunday of every month, 3pm -4:30pm @ the Center

'Butta' ~ Bi+ Peoples' Munch is destined to be a smooth meetup. This Bi+ Peoples' Munch will offers a stress-free opportunity for casual conversation and Bi community-building over a meal.
We expect folks will join us from across the body positive, sex positive, and feminist communities. As Bi+ people, we self identify as Bisexual, Queer, Pansexual &/or Polysexual...
We're open-hearted, fluid feeling, "both/and" oriented folk; embracing the diversity of our community.
2nd Sundays after Bi My Side & 3rd Sundays before the Sunday Group; every month, 5:00pm - 6:30pm @ The Good Stuff Diner

"The Sunday Group" envisions a space for developing Bi+ leadership in the NYC metro area, revitalizing the intention, advocacy, and organizing of our community's very first meetings. This series of meetings is called in the spirit and style of a modern-day co-working space.
This will be a working meeting... bring your laptop or other digital device to create or help organize in-person or social media campaigns of our various designs. Bringing books of interest, tools that would help all of us get and stay organized.
3rd Sunday of every month, (...and possibly other times as needed) ~ 7pm-9pm (drop in for the whole time or just to catch up) @ ...Location is still TBD...


There are a number of additional group meetings happening in and around the city from month to month. For the best connection to all of the Bi+ (Pan~, Queer, Non-mono~, Sapio~, Poly~, etc) in Metro NYC, subscribe to the group supported and sustained by our friends at NYABN, the NY Area Bisexual Network.

Check our resources link to see more about additional meetings and opportunities to connect.


Our meetings are open to all members of the Bi+ community, as well as bi-friendly and bi-allied folks, of any age, race, gender, ability; likewise for affectional or relational, sexual or spiritual orientations. Ours is a tiny example of the rainbow; a safe space to share your perspective and insights into all things Bi. And if you can\'t join us for the meeting, catch up with us for dinner, round 8:15-ish, at...

Good Stuff Diner
109 West 14th Street
(north side of 14th St, just west of 6th Ave)
~ always a short walk from our meeting.

** Please TXT Paul before 7pm if you will be joining us after the meeting for the dinner only.. he'll add a seat for you when the reservation is made: 347-645-6509 = txt

PostScript regarding restaurants: If you would like to help expand our palette of dining options, suggestion are welcomed. We need a place that can accommodate 20 people from 8:15pm for about an hour on a given Thursday - both in seating us, and relative speed for serving too. We also need the menu to have some vegetarian options, and to be fairly reasonable in cost.